Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Grade (Scoring The Latest Music)

We just had to bring it back!  With all the new music coming it only makes sense.  All song reviews will be reserved for this post.  We're kicking it all off with the return of one truly iconic woman, Ms. Janet Jackson.

Janet Jackson - 'No Sleep' 

It's been more than 5 years since we've heard new music from the Queen of Pop, or Dance, or Empress Of Music (whichever you fancy - all apply) who goes by the name of Janet Jackson. There's been lots of rumblings about Janet working on new material, but year after year, we've probably all wondered if any of this would materialize.  Finally, prayers have been answered, dreams have come true.  Janet released a new single titled 'No Sleep' off her upcoming album (tentatively titled 'Conversations in a Cafe'), which will be released on Janet's very own Rhythm Nation records.  The bop has been crafted by none other than Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (the original dream team from the 80's).  

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Memo #4: The Page Is Still Very Much Alive! ... More Is In Store... And You Won't Be Disappointed!

Ok, so we haven't posted since February of this year.  Shame on us!  We apologize for not saying anything sooner, but The Page is obviously on hiatus.  We're certain things may become clearer on why we spend so much time away from our beloved blog later this summer.  The good news is that we will be up and running again shortly, the bad news -- it won't happen til late June.  Yea, we miss it, but we're actually still currently working on several great posts as always.  

Our very worthwhile, Best To Ever Do It article (which will be a transparent, accurate calculation of the status of all the biggest artists in music over the last few decades) is still on the back burner for now.  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Star Spotted: Nicki Minaj Drop Dead Gorgeous In Fur (NYC Fashion Week)

Nicki Minaj wowed the crowd on the last day of NYC's Fall/Winter 2015 fashion week.  Draped in fur and wearing snakeskin boots, Nicki turned every head at the Marc Jacobs show.   Soak in the very glamorous Nicki Minaj below.  

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Justin Bieber Gets The Scare of His Life (Prank On Ellen)

Justin Bieber was frightened out of his mind during a recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  The pop star thought he was making an appearance on Ellen to chat about his scheduled roast coming up on Comedy Central.  Just as he was going into details, Ellen managed to pull off a prank that practically scared Justin out of his seat.  Check out the hilarious clip!

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 Justin was also nice enough to surprise one of his biggest fan.

Ciara Shares Thoughts On New Album

Ciara is ready to strike with her much anticipated album, 'Jackie' (named after her mother).  The singer shared with Fashion Daily her reasons for why she believe this album will be her best yet.  "It's my best body of work.  I'm in the most clear place in my life, and that pours into the music."  Ciara also informed Daily on which producers we'll find on the new album:

"I kept it small and tight in terms of producers; I wanted it to sound consistent.  I worked with Dr Luke, Polow da Don, Harmony Samuels and a few other producers."

What really got us over-the-top excited is Ciara's claims that her upcoming video for her latest single, 'I Bet' includes concepts "Style-wise and performance-wise" that she hasn't done yet and always wanted to.  Everyone knows that Ciara always delivers when it comes to videos,  if this next one has her trying out new ideas - we can only conclude that we're in for a hell of a treat! 

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TLC Raises $430,000 For New Album Campaign

T-Boz and Chilli of TLC has successfully raised almost three times the amount targeted for their upcoming album with their Kickstarter campaign.  The initial goal set for the project was $150,000.  The ladies triumphantly raised $430,000 with the help of fans around the would and peers in the industry.  A&R executive, Ron Fair is on board for what will be their final TLC album released.  Ne-yo and Dallas Austin are also lined up to work on the album as well. 

TLC had this to say to everyone that contributed:

"Thank you to everyone who has donated to our final album!  The amount doesn't matter but the fact that you donated means the world to us." 

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beyonce & Rihanna (The Zeus & Hercules of Popular Music)

Beyonce and Rihanna are said to have sold 118 and 145 million records, respectively.  Rihanna is celebrating, this year, a decade-long career, while Beyonce Knowles is only 2 years away from her 20th.  These music titans have reached unbelievable heights:  both selling out stadiums, dominating Billboard charts and showing unbelievably steady consistency throughout their careers.  

So why are some folks reluctant to acknowledge their strides and give credit where it's due?  

New Music Video: Iggy Azalea - Trouble FT Jennifer Hudson (Lyric Video)

Iggy Azalea is keeping the train moving with her new single 'Trouble', which can be found on the re-issue of her debut album 'Reclassified'.  R&B singer, Jennifer Hudson lends her vocals on the track, which is slated to impact Top 40 radio later this month.  We hear the video being filmed for this single will be lots of fun, but for now take a look at the song's lyric video.   

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New Music Video: Omarion (Featuring Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko)

Omarion is back with a new visual for his latest single 'Post To Be'.  He's teamed up with none other than, Chris Brown and the very talented Jhene Aiko.  It won't take long to become a fan of this cut.  Check out the clip below.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Music: Flo Rida - 'Girl's Mine' (Samples Brandy & Monica's 'Boy Is Mine')

Flo Rida is back with his brand new song, 'Girl's Mine'.  The track samples Brandy and Monica's 13 week Billboard chart-topping hit, 'Boy is Mine'.  Check it out!  

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