Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beyonce Thrills on American Idol

Beyonce was on hand to move the crowd of on lookers with a vibrantly classic song that fills the room with energy. Who can forget the impact felt in 2003 when “Crazy in love” debuted from the soon to be legendary singer? Take a trip down memory lane and witness the work of this show stopping artist.
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Lady Gaga gets “Edgy” on American Idol

The pop sensation, known as Lady Gaga hit the Idol stage for the grand finale. She belted out one of her smash hits “Edge of Glory”. This was certainly one of the big moments of the night. Check it out.
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Beyonce fascinates on American Idol

Few are as well rounded as Beyonce Knowles. One thing for sure is that she can deliver a ballad like no other around. Listen to her sing brilliantly, her new single “1+1” on the Idol stage. This is a release off her new album “4”, which is due to be in stores on June 28th. The single is also available now on iTunes.
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TLC shines on American Idol

American Idol wasn’t short on star studded performances last night. Catch 2/3’s of the iconic group TLC uniting to perform their biggest hits “No Scrubs” and “Waterfalls”. Did Chilli and Tboz pull off a great show without their most flamboyant member, Left eye?

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Song: Beyonce “Till The End of Time”

In keeping up with the momentum; Beyonce isn’t missing a beat. The release of her 2nd single “Till The End of Time “has surfaced on the net. Check it out.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Justin Timberlake meets Lady Gaga and readies himself to host on SNL

Justin Timberlake will host the 36th season finale of Saturday Night Live May 21, 2011. The musical guest will be none other than lady Gaga.  The two of them have met while in rehearsal for their upcoming skit together. Lady Gaga tweeted this about their meeting: “Don’t be jealous ladies ;). I laughed so hard today I cried”. Take a look at Justin in the new SNL promo as well as the picture of him getting chummy with Lady Gaga.

Nicole Scherzinger performs on American Idol

 Moments ago the former Pussycat doll, Nicole Scherzinger performed her new single “Right There” along with rapper 50 Cent on American Idol. Check it out.
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The Underrated, Remembering Hotness, Main Feature

Once again is the return of something we have fun with here on “The Page with RoyalKev”, where we seek out those deserving artist that are “underrated” and give them some recognition. There are so many talented underground or underappreciated artists that deserve so much attention and success. We pair them up with artist from the past that gave us that unforgettable, hot and contagious song that we’ve adored,  “Remembering Hotness” identifies these artists that have left their mark.  Of course we cannot leave out the “Main Feature”, which showcases today’s hit making artist. So enjoy the variety and…

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Soul Edition

The Underrated: Kelly Price “Not My Daddy”

Remembering Hotness: Chaka Khan “Through the Fire”

Main Feature: Mary J Blige “Someone to love me (naked)”

Beyonce’s “4” Album Cover

After the adrenaline rush of the Beyonce’s “Run the world (Girls)” video, we‘ve been treated to yet, another gift. Here is the cover for Beyonce’s upcoming album “4”, which will be in stores June 28th, 2011.  What do you think of it?
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Do you like the cover of the album?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Video: Beyonce Run the world (Girls)

These are some exciting times people. Finally the debut of Beyonce’s long awaited video for Run the World (Girls) has premiered on American Idol earlier tonight and can be seen in it's entirety on vevo. Just when you we’re wondering if Beyonce had disregarded the single that has been rumored to have leaked prior to its scheduled time, the airing of this video is  a strong confirmation that Ms. Knowles hasn’t abandoned the single. It’s garnered pretty strong reactions thus far, which may come as a result of doing a first single that is so risky and bold. However, now that things are being kicked into high gear, it may prove that something different can become something worthwhile. The song is a great break from what’s on radio. This video is certainly a wonderful visual and if nothing else, a bridge to allowing people to identify with the song and put everything in perspective. We commend Beyonce on a job well done!

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Basket ball wives (season 3)

Interested in seeing some of the new drama stirring up this season on Basketball wives? Well, we have a sneak peak at what we can expect from the ladies this time around. Check out the clip from the show below.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Janet Jackson, “The Page Celebrates a Queen”

We honor the Queen of pop, who we unanimously adore here at “The Page”. Janet is not only a remarkable artist with great classic albums and unforgettable ground breaking performances, but she’s an accomplished musician with unparalleled highs in a career spanning almost 3 decades. We want to highlight Janet’s accomplishments and celebrate her work as fans that are uplifted by her music. She’s exceptional in so many areas and we credit her for being such a well rounded artist that has displayed genius in her songwriting talents as well as her other musical gifts. She impressively plays the piano, drums and sings in foreign languages. Janet is a video Goddess and known to be a dynamic master of commanding a stage.

Janet is one of the few artist that have contributions to the music world that are still infused into today’s crafting of artistic expression in the industry. Janet’s material had substance and themes that were so relevant and historical. These songs have impacted lives. Rhythm Nation’s take on addressing prejudice, homelessness and illiteracy was not only allowing pop culture to evolve into  a more conscious state it was shedding light on issues that were constantly being swept under a rug. The "Janet" album became an album were people discovered and embraced their own sexual liberation. Janet was fearless and unapologetic in her approach to giving women a voice in demanding what they want when it came to what was taboo or unfathomable for them to express. Finally “The Velvet Rope”, laid a foundation for most artists that do introspective albums and really cracked open all of the inner conflicts that people have on a daily basis. It explored the feelings of inadequacy, sexual preference and confronting your demons. It was a vulnerable place for Janet and such a brave and empowering statement made with that album. These are the events that secured Janet’s place in the music world we live in.

Janet’s track record certainly speaks for itself, her Rhythm Nation tour went down in history as the biggest debut tour ever seeing over 2.5 million patrons. Janet has sold over 100 million albums, scored 10 #1 hits on the Hot100, 16 #1’s on the R&B songs chart, she’s also obtained 20 #1 dance hits. Janet has won 33 billboard awards (the most by any artist) and 6 Grammy’s. Outside of breaking records in music she is also quite successful in her other endeavors. Janet started out on the sitcoms “Good Times”, Different Strokes” and “Fame”.  She has 3 #1 movies (Poetic Justice, Nutty Professor II: The klumps and Why did I get Married), not to mention a Times best seller for her first book as an author, “True you”. Janet is a big part of our lives and her mark on the world is certainly nothing short of phenomenal.

The staff at the page has taken the time to list our top 5 Janet videos of all time:         
Minkz Furr:
5. So Excited
4. Rhythm Nation
3. What have you done for me lately?
2. Pleasure Principle
1. Nasty

Melinda Warren
5. All For You
4. That’s the way love goes
3. Let’s wait a while
2. Anytime, Anyplace
1. If


Happy Birthday Queen!
5. Doesn’t really Matter
4. Feedback
3. You want this
2. If
1. Pleasure Principle

Here's Janet live on the MTV Awards with "That's the way love goes" and "If"