Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Music Video: Tinie Tempah ft. Wiz Khalifa 'Till I'm Gone'

Tinie Tempah joins forces with Wiz Khalifa in the video for the pairs collaborative effort “Till I’m Gone.” His new album on EMI Records entitled 'Disc-Overy' is available in stores and ITunes now.

The Underrated/ Remembering Hotness/ The Main Feature

Once again is the return of something we have fun with here on “The Page with RoyalKev”, where we seek out those deserving artist that are “underrated” and give them some recognition. There are so many talented underground or underappreciated artists that deserve so much attention and success. We pair them up with artist from the past that gave us that unforgettable, hot and contagious song that we’ve adored,  “Remembering Hotness” identifies these artists that have left their mark.  Of course we cannot leave out the “Main Feature”, which showcases today’s hit making artist. So enjoy the variety and…

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Men in music (80's meets 90's meeting the '00's)

The Underrated: Cameo "Word Up", Jon B "They Don't Know" and Glenn Lewis "Don't you forget it"

Remembering Hotness: Bobby Brown "My Prerogative",George Michael "Too Funky", Justin Timberlake "Like I love You"

The Main Feature: Chris Brown "No Bulls-", "She ain't you", "Next To You"(Ft. Justin Bieber)

New Video: Beyonce - Run the world (Alternative Version)

Check out Beyonce's alternative video for her lead single "Run the world". The first version may be the most appealing as a whole, but there are some really cool scenes that weren't added. Take a look at those that were left out - which really holds some of the fierceness we love from Beyonce. What do you think of it?

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Missy Elliott - Behind the Music

Check out Vh1's Behind the Music with Missy Elliott. It's a much closer look into her life, that focus on some very dark and painful moments dealing with the abuse at home. Her story is a rollercoaster ride filled with despair and triumps that will  make you really proud of her fighter spirit. 

What do you think of the clip?

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Check out some extra bonus clips of Vh1's Behind the Music scenes with Missy Elliot.

Missy's Fetish

Missy's talks about Ecstasy


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"4" will land at #1

It looks like Ms. Knowles has scored a really big victory. Her current album "4" is slated to come in at #1 on Billboard's top 200 album's chart. According to Hits Daily Double Beyonce "4" is expected to pull in anywhere between 275 - 300K. This is amazing considering that the album didn't have a high charting hit single, along with the fact that the entire album leaked 3 weeks prior to it's actual release date.What do you think of this achievement?

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New Edition set to reunite at Essence Music Festival

All six members of the group New Edition are set to join forces once again to recreate some of the group's early magic. The group has tried to reunite several times in the past, but didn't find it easy to settle on some of their differences that caused some tension prior to this comeback.

Singer Bobby Brown has assured the group that going forward none of these issues will resurface and that all the negativity is behind them. "We're just working on us and our friendship," he tells People. Along with fellow members Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant, Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell and Ronnie DeVoe, Brown is optimistic about the reunion. "All of us are psyched about it," he says. "We're grown men, and we're able to talk and argue and pray and laugh. There's a lot of laughter [because] we remember some of the crazy times, and it's just funny to us now that we were able to make it past all of those crazy times and be able to come together as grown men and make this business happen", Brown says.

The festival kicks off July 1st. There will also be concerts by Usher, Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson and more! Are you excited about N. E. again?

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New Music Video: David Guetta - Where Them Girls At ft. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida

Finally after a quite lengthy wait, we have the world premiere music video from David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj and Flo' Rida. His new highly anticipated album 'Nothing but the Beat' hits stores in August. What do you think of the video?

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Kelly Rowland Tracklisting for new LP

R&B Sensation Kelly Rowland is finally going full gear with her 3rd studio album 'Here I am' in stores July 26th on Universal Records. With a #1 R&B summer banger "Motivation" under her belt and a smashing performance from this years BET Awards, Ms. Kelly is sure to set the critics and charts on fire this time around. Below is the official tracklisting for her new album: Will you be purchasing this new album?

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Standard Edition
1. “I’m Dat Chick”
2. “Work It Man” feat. Lil Playy
3. “Motivation” feat. Lil Wayne
4. “Lay It on Me” feat. Big Sean
5. “Feelin’ Me Right Now”
6. “Turn It Up”
7. “All of the Night” feat. Rico Love
8. “Keep It Between Us”
9. “Commander”
10. “Down for Whatever”

Deluxe Edition   

11. “Heaven & Earth”
12. “Each Other”
13. “Motivation" (Rebel Rock Remix) feat. Lil Wayne
14. “Commander" (Urban Remix) feat. Nelly

First Listen: Bjork 'Crystalline'

Check out "Crystalline" the newly leaked first single from Bjork's upcoming twelfth studio album 'Biophilia' in stores later this year. What do you think about her new material?

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Jill Scott has the #1 Album in the Country

We here at the Page, would like to congratulate R&B Diva, Jill Scott on her 1st- ever #1 Billboard Album entitled 'The Light Of The Sun'. It's also her debut offering with new label Blues Babe/Warner Bros. which scored 137,000 in sales this week putting her right on the top of the charts. Who's happy about real music making a comeback?

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Double the pleasure with Alicia Keys

Today Alicia Keys celebrated her 10th Anniversary re-release of her debut cd, "songs in A minor." She did a live set in the middle of New York’s Times Square for “Good Morning America”, then headed over to Madame Tussauds Museum to unveil her wax figure. The 30-year-old singer posed alongside the spitting image of herself, which was dressed in a black leather outfit. Can you tell them apart?

Brandy and Ray J answer 5 Questions

Brandy takes a moment out with her brother RayJ to answer 5 questions on Vh1. Take a look at the brother and sister team discuss everything from what super powers they would like to own to what irritates them the most.

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Win Beyonce "4" Contest

ThePagewithRoyalKev is giving away Beyonce's new album "4" to a few lucky readers (who are Beyonce's biggest fans). Here is how you enter the contest: In a brief statement write to us and tell us about your favorite "4" Beyonce moments. It can be anything, just make sure you list them and explain why are those your favorite stand out moments in her career for you(contest ends Friday at midnight/EST.). Send your entrees to We will announce the winners next week Monday evening. Good Luck!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beyoncé performs at the BET awards

The Queen of all performers has taken the stage to entertain the BET audience and viewers at home with tracks from her much anticipated album “4”, which will be in stores Tuesday, June 28th. As always Beyoncé delivered and was one of the show highlights. Check out the show stopping performance that only Beyoncé can give.

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Trey Songz & Kelly Rowland perform on the BET awards

The man bringing sexy back, also known as Trey Songz worked the stage earlier tonight. You can see him in action performing for the BET audience. This was a night where the pressure was on for Ms. Rowland. She is currently sitting at #1 on the R&B/Hip hop songs chart with her latest hit “Motivation”.  It seems like so many are rooting for her to put on a show that’s memorable and that lives up to the name she has (being one third of the super group Destiny’s Child). So, what’s the verdict?

… We must say that Kelly was outstanding. She did a great job and really has come into her own. Well done! We hope she was honoring Janet Jackson in her own special way because it seem like “I get so lonely” was her motivation.

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Alicia Keys performs at the BET awards

The talented Alicia Keys was on hand, gracing the BET stage. She walked us through her career highs which span over the last decade, in honor of her re-release of her first debut album “Songs in a minor”.  The lady with the golden finger tips took us on a journey with her trusty side kick – a grand piano (and Bruno Mars). This was one of her best nights at an award ceremony. Check out her set below.

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Chris Brown lights up the BET stage

As expected, Chris Brown presence was certainly felt. He was on board at the BET awards rocking the stage with his current hits, “Look at me now” and “She ain’t you” and more. It’s certainly great to see him back where he belongs – in the spotlight!

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Jill Scott performs at the BET awards

Jill Scott, who recently released her new album “The Light of the sun”, was one of the performers at the BET awards. Check out the three time Grammy winner hitting the stage.

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Mary rocks the BET awards

The Queen of hip hop soul Mary J Blige has hit the BET stage, kicking off the night along with a very special guest, Anita Baker. Of course, Mary can do no wrong, she was flawless tonight! Check out her performance (courtesy of Mr. World Premiere).

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Beyonce "Best Thing I Never Had" (Live at Glastonbury )

Check out Beyoncé performing her new single “Best thing I Never had”, during her set at Glastonbury.

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Beyoncé live at Glastonbury Festival

*Update with videos

The dynamic diva is set to headline the Glastonbury London festival tonight, which makes her the first in the 41 year history of the event to do so. You’ll also find that a portion of Beyoncé’s set will be filming simultaneously for the BET awards. Check it all out streaming below:

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Racism in the Music Industry

The question I’m posing to everyone reading would be… Do you believe that in the year 2011, every music artist is getting a fair shake in the business? People often want to ignore destructive things that present obstacles instead of facing it head on. It doesn’t go away on its own and like any disease of this kind, recognizing the issue at hand is the first crucial part of change. Throw away any preconceived notions; this is not about playing the race card. This is not an attempt to stir up any racial tension or division with some random angry rant. These concerns are legitimate. Although it’s played down, it’s still criminal that there are so many injustices done for decades in the music industry.  Do black artist that establish themselves get the same opportunities whites do? I believe this all starts with a discussion on whether or not if what’s popular in today’s mainstream music, actually the public’s choice.  Is what we hear on the radio due to the high demand for these artist (from fans that request this music), or is what’s popular in music being dictated to us? My gripe is that all of the public’s voice is not being heard nor honored.

It seems that black musicians that cross over and obtain pop appeal, have choices that are limited. It appears that their time to expire is more calculated and their support diminishes much faster than their peers that are white. Requesting many of these artists on mainstream radio stations (that have shown them support in the beginning stages of their careers), may fall upon death ears! These artist often find themselves at a certain point where they're abandoned by media outlets and mainstream radio. In these times, disk jockeys are a little more blatant in their responses for discontinuing their backing of these artists by labeling them “too old”(after 30), or just simply by categorizing these people as no longer being “in”. Music is subjective, but this excuse may only serve as nothing more than just a cover up. If everyone isn’t mutually effected the same, where it’s enforced on both ends, it’s unjust. 

What puzzles me is when black artists make music in the same vein of what’s currently being played on radio and receiving heavy rotation, yet they’re not granted the equal opportunities to receive the same amount of considerable promotion; which allows for the public to hear the record and decide if it’s a hit or miss. Songs garnering big views on YouTube or artists having a lot of buzz brewing from a healthy fan base may still not be an important factor. Yet, some songs such as Eminem’s Billboard #1 “Not Afraid" from the 38 year Old’s 6th LP, “Recovery” may receive instant spins even when it’s initially unknown to the general listening audience, however these programmers will insist that their not being partial to anyone. 

From what I observed, many black artists are wiped out or see a decline from mainstream radio during their 4th set (album). It’s as if the quota is met and these artists were allowed to see substantial enough success to not have a solid case for claims of discrimination, yet it’s at a point where these artist are being met with resistance while still being in their prime. For example artist like: Toni Braxton, TLC, Brandy, EnVogue, even Janet Jackson (when counting her album that first got her established until her 4th, before a slight resurgence) would eventually go on to make their first “underrated album” on that 4th outing - despite producing good material. 

Yes, there will always be black people getting pop airplay, but here’s the trick - many of these artists are either new acts who are a  mere token, one hit wonders or happen to be the new kid on the block fitting inside a scheme to replace a more established act. It’s this maneuvering in the music world that creates a cycle. These artists that have reigned for a while become the “undesirables” that may be quite competent, but are still taken out of the running when there’s a “replacement”. This is to enable them somewhat from building on their empires. 

For black artist it’s a constant game of musical chairs. For whites, the newer acts join the veterans. Lady Gaga isn’t replacing Madonna (age 52), nor did she replace Cher (who had a big #1 hit in 1998, with “Believe” at age 52). Yes – there was Tina Turner, but for every Tina you have an Elton John, Bono, Aerosmith and Barbara Streisand who has been revered and celebrated for equal that time, if not longer.

How is this plan really made effective? It usually starts with comparisons that turn into some kind of a rivalry. Black people actually fall prey to this and adopt this “out – with – the –old – and – in – with – the – new” mentality that we’ve learned to willingly embrace. This competition forms and it’s escalated into something where the public starts picking sides and wanting to see one of the “dueling divas” fail just to have another seem victorious. 

Still not many realizes how tragic this is in the end. Someone that works hard for 10 years at being successful would be considered to be hogging the thrown. It’s a pity no one is the wiser in recognizing that the concept of pitting 2 divas in their prime against each other is only meant to cancel out someone. So those feeding into the Whitney vs Mariah, Brandy vs Monica, Beyoncé vs Rihanna, Nicki vs Lil Kim, ( guys too) - 2Pac vs Notorious B.I.G, Usher vs R. Kelly, Usher vs Chris Brown’s match – offs, never catch on to the bigger picture in this. In fact where so busy making sure who we want wins – that were missing the emphasis on all of us losing.  

Britney may have squared off against Pink and Lady Gaga, but they’re all receiving airplay – which will allow them to have longevity.

If you do a simple comparison you’ll find that the artists starting at the top of the new millennium, such acts as Britney, Pink, Justin, all continued to get backing from pop radio – where blacks that did get that same introduction like, Alicia Keys, Ciara and Ashanti (who have all had #1 pop hits with their very first singles) have all been brushed off early into their careers and are totally absent from that scene. Their only hope for staying relevant is to strictly become an R&B/ Urban act so that they can maintain a following with their mainstream support being non -existent. 

Again, this happens over and over throughout the history of music. Oddly enough Michael Jackson was abandoned throughout most of the nineties for over a decade, and then given an out pour of love on every station that ignored him in his prime once he died. Here we have a man that owns the record for being the biggest selling artist in the world, who was for years, absent from mainstream radio. Not only MJ, but Prince and eventually Whitney, Janet and many other superstars’ presence started fading. 

If you ever have time to experiment listen to these popular dance/pop stations that play 80’s artist, you’ll notice that Madonna songs get played throughout the day more than all the others combined. This is true, despite her being such a controversial figure in music. She’s never been under the same scrutiny as say, Janet Jackson – who has suffered from being banned due to the Super bowl fiasco. If this was Madonna would this have been career crippling? It wasn’t for Janet’s “accomplice” Justin Timberlake, who went on to career highs after the incident. How long can we turn a blind eye, when it’s likely that your favorite will suffer through this as well down the line (if their black and happen to be mega successful). 

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Remembering Michael Jackson


Yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson’s death. We thought we’d pay tribute to the king in a less tradition way – not by showing all his finest moments on stage, but by showcasing his more candid moments behind them. You’ll find that Michael was the way most people who he encountered would describe him – just an ordinary guy, with a great sense of humor.  Take a look at the video footage of MJ through different stages of his life.

Of course we have to see the King at work, this is his classic 1995 MTV live performance.

Janet spices it up in Berlin

The ever so young, Janet Jackson is back to business on her “Up Close and Personal” tour. The superstar was performing Saturday in Berlin. Check out some of the diva’s signature moves.

Will Janet soon be in stadiums once again? Well, by the looks of it, that’s a big possibility. Here’s a brief interview that was given by her choreographer Gil Duldulao earlier this year, which seems to hint at another grand tour.  If we’re getting more Janet, We certainly look forward to it!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beyoncé performs in Lille France

Beyoncé as expected has put on another exciting show in Lille France tonight. Check out the diva doing what she does best – work the stage!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Beyonce performs in Nice France

Beyoncé is burning up the stage in France tonight, performing many of her biggest hits. Check out the diva on the verge of a mega campaign to promote her latest project “4” that is being released June 28th.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Beyonce “4” Photoshoot

The latest promo pictures for Beyoncé’s “4” have surfaced on her website. Check out the stunning diva striking some fierce poses. What do you think of them?

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