Friday, March 9, 2012

Janet Jackson's Accomplishments (Rock &Roll Hall Of Fame Request)

Janet is truly a rare type of artists. Her career has seen unbelievable highs that has shown Jackson accomplishing a few astronomical feats. She's established herself as one of the best female live entertainers of the last 3 decades.  Janet has left an undeniable mark in music, selling over 140 million records and winning over 300 awards. Her position in the industry as pop royalty was the direct result of her supreme artistry, some very iconic moments and memorable performances.  It's clearly time for this diva  to have her day and be inducted  into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. This is one of the main reasons why we've started this campaign. 

It's time for not only Janet, but the late Whitney Houston as well, to be given this honor for opening up so many doors for African Americans and becoming international superstars that have achieved worldwide glory.  This respect for these 2 dynamically brilliant women is overdue.  Our efforts in asking for every one's assistance isn't for hits (like I'm sure one site, in particular, craving hits will be inspired to do after we run this campaign).  This has come about because it's simply time for these women (who have been a major part of our pop culture and have changed the face of music in a historical way) to be acknowledged.  Let's start the trend now, so that many deserving musical acts down the line will get the appreciation they deserve. If you're not familiar with everything Janet has done throughout her stellar career, we've put this list together so that many of you can be more adverse to the list of honors and records owned by Ms. Jackson.  Also for all Mama Yoke, aka Janet Damita Jo Jackson, fans that want to support here next comeback era (go here).

(Thanks Shay Love)

First, vote yes (here for Whitney) to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.
Vote yes (here for Janet) to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.
Now let's get to the basis of what we're pleading a case for, Janet Accomplishments:

  • Janet Jackson holds the record for having 7 top 5 Billboard singles off of 1 album ('Rhythm Nation')
  • Janet Jackson currently has 10 #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart
  • Janet Jackson currently has 16 #1 hits on the Billboard R&B/ Singles Chart 
  • Janet Jackson currently has 20 #1 hits on the Billboard Dance Singles Chart 
  • Janet Jackson has 1 #1 hit ('What's It Gonna Be' - as a featured artist with Busta Rhymes) on the Rap Billboard Singles Chart 
  • Janet Jackson has 1 #1 hit ('Black Cat') on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Singles Chart
  • Janet has 27 Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart (tied with Mariah Carey and Elton John)
  • Janet's 'Rhythm Nation' was the only album to have 3 Billboard Hot 100 #1's in 3 separate calendar years ('89 - '91 - 'Miss You Much', 'Escapade', Black Cat').

  • Janet has sold over 100 million albums
  • Janet has 6 #1 albums  
  • Janet has 5 back to back #1 albums ('Control', 'Rhythm Nation', 'Janet.', 'The Velvet Rope' and 'All For You') on the Billboard 200 Albums chart.  She's the only woman in Rock and Roll history to do so.

  • Janet has won 33 Billboard Music Awards (the most ever of any recording artists) 
  • Janet Jackson won 6 Grammy Awards 
  • Janet Jackson won 10 MTV Music Video Awards
  • Janet Jackson won 15 American Music Awards
  • Janet Jackson won 1 Emmy Award
  • Janet Jackson won 1 World Music Award (Legend Award)
  • Janet Jackson 'True You' is a #1 New York Times Best seller
  • Poetic Justice (1993) entered the Box Office at #1
  • Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000) entered at #1
  • Why Did I Get Married entered the Box Office at #1
  • Why Did I Get Married Too? and For Colored Girls entered the Box Office in the top 5(debut week)
  • Janet's 5 Films grossed over 345 Million
  • Rhythm Nation Tour (1990) - 76,115,000 worldwide  (2.3million  in attendance)
  • Janet World Tour (1993) - 83,096,000 worldwide (2.5 million in attendance)
  • The Velvet Rope (1998) - 78,000,000 worldwide (1.6 million in attendance)
  • All For You (2001) - 66,900,000 (excluding calculations from 11 U.S. shows and 4 stadium shows in Japan - 1,152,000 in attendance).  Some shows were cancelled due to 9/11.
  • Janet's most successful tours have outperformed many of her contemporaries (including Madonna, whose last 2 tours have set the all time record for women).
  • Janet tours (from Rhythm Nation - Number Ones) have been attended by over 8 million fans and she is the 3rd most successful black touring act of all time behind Tina Turner and her brother Michael Jackson).
  • In 1996, Negotiated a new recording contract at her record label (Virgin) for $80 Million - highest of any artists at that time.

  • Janet Jackson was the #2 Artist of the decade in the 90's (behind Mariah Carey).
  • The Rhythm Nation Tour was the most successful debut tour by any artist
  • Janet Jackson has sold over 140 Million records (even with this new update, this figure is still grossly underrated)         
  • Janet Jackson is the first artist to have a #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit in the 80's, 90's and '00's
  • Most Internet searched woman in 2007 (Guinness Book of world Records)

This is the address for the Rock and Roll Hall Of fame (below) and we've included a sample note, which is an exert from a passionate letter that one Janet fan has written in regard to their idol.
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10104
Attention:  Paul Shaffer, Nominating Committee

Mr. Shaffer-

I’m an avid fan of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and I hope this letter reaches you!
I’d like to strongly encourage you to consider nominating Janet Jackson for the next induction ballot. 
Many, many artists have been influenced by Janet and she’s received just about every music related award out there.  Janet’s groundbreaking breakthrough smash, Control, celebrated its 25 year anniversary in January 2011.  It’s time for Janet to be at least be nominated.  Janet has cemented her artistic mark as a legendary icon in the music industry.  PLEASE consider Janet next time around.  Thank you for your time. 


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