Thursday, August 9, 2012

Janet Jackson Returning to Music?

Oh, say it is so! The hopes are high for Miss Janet to bring so many fans new music, and with good reason.  The superstar's well know long-time choreographer, Gil may have let the cat out the bag (and it seems intentional).  In some recent tweets from the dancer it seems clear that there will be a dance rehearsal taking place with Jackson. Tweets like "Dunk is ready" and  "Ready to Dunk" imply that Miss Jackson (who has been referred to by this nickname from family members) is the person in question.  It doesn't get any more exciting than this!  

Well, perhaps it does.  Janet's response to her friend Gil sends you into overdrive with the possibilities.  After all Janet is clever enough to slyly be giving the title away to her next lead single from an upcoming project.  We can only wonder.  Take a look at what we're talking about:

*Let Us Pray*

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