Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remembering The Hotness (Acapella & Acoustic Performances)

On this edition of Remembering the Hotness, were going back into great acapella and acoustic  performances by great artists.  It's gutsy to sing live without any background music or just to someone plucking the strings on a guitar.  A few was brave enough to do it.  Check out the artists we selected to feature for this post. 

Mariah Carey - Song For Morocco (Improvising Acapella )

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (Acoustic)

Beyonce - Halo (Acoustic)

Brandy - Almost Doesn't Count (Acapella)

Toni Braxton - Shadowless (Acoustic) 

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror (Acapella)

Whitney & Cissy Houston - Me & You Against The World

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