Thursday, September 13, 2012

Real Talk On Ciara

1, 2 Step.
Like A Boy.
So What. 

We sometimes forget Ciara's journey and those hits that came along before songs like 'Love Sex Magic' and 'Ride'.  Ciara wasn't always at a low in her career.  Matter fact, this woman's entrance into the music game was firm and consistent initially.  Her music was catchy and her performing style was a great spectacle to watch live.  So, why is this type of artist making a "comeback"?  It's not a rhetorical question, it's damn near a rant!  This is an injustice. 

It's hard to depict that moment where there was that misstep or bad judgement call that was career altering.  Truth is, there simply wasn't one.  'Fantasy Ride' and even 'Basic Instinct' was just as strong as Ciara's first two albums. This is an observation that's not coming from the perspective of a superfan.  What Ciara's been crippled by is the public's obsession to kick a person while they're down. No matter what product certain artists cook up, there is no pleasing the audience.  The abuse in seeing artist fail midway through trying is what gives that kind of audience their own self-seeking pleasure. 

It's criminal for songs like 'High Price', 'Work', 'I'm On', 'Yeah I Know', 'Wants For Dinner' and 'I Run It' to not have the luxury of becoming viable hits or for some of them, not even seeing the light of day.  The group thinkers that bash Ciara display such cruel and radical behavior when choosing to dismiss deserving artists like her.  After all, her kind of contribution to the music scene is valuable.  Ciara is a no-nonsense video artist that gives a showstopping performance just about every time she hits the stage.  Artists that challenge themselves instead of doing just enough to appease a fan base with very low expectations should be embraced more.  Let's hope that Ciara has her day with 'One Woman Army'.

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