Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rihanna & Chris Brown (Should Their Love Be Saved)?

The Page with RoyalKev is excited to introduce the latest feature to the blog, Visual Talk.  This addition is primarily set to post on weekends.  It's a perspective from a blogger written in the context of one's personal take on hot topics and various issues (from music to film and multiple forms of entertainment).

Rihanna and Chris have had there share of ups and downs in the past few years.  It may be easy to count 100 reasons why their relationship was doomed, but is all that these 2 artist share in common, so obvious? Their circumstance is not anything to make light of, but if you dissect everything from the time that they were first established until now you may find that their lives run so parallel. Just maybe that's an indication that they're almost perfect for each other (in some ways) on paper - well, sort of. Do you think this couple should give it one more shot?  Let's analyze everything Chrianna.  Believe it or not this former couple has probably done more together than most since '05:

Debut Together:

Rihanna: 'Pon De Replay' (2005)

Chris Brown: 'Run It' (2005) 

Perform Together: MTV Awards (2007)

Work Together: Rihanna 'Disturbia' Co-written by Chris Brown (2008)

Vacation Together: King's Dominion Amusement Park (2008)

Throw Each Other Under The Bus ... Together: 
Rihanna: 20/20 Exclusive (2009)

Chris Brown - 'Famous Girl' ('Graffiti' Album, 2009)

Go Away To Reconcile ... Together:  Miami (2009)

Both share a knack for running into Twitter Beef with other singers ... Together:

Rihanna Vs Ciara 

Chris Brown Vs Brian McKnight

Would this be a match made in heaven with two peas in a pod or a train wreck in the making?  Could we have two people (with too much in common) that don't know when a relationship has run it's course?  One thing that's for certain, both of them love and fight hard.  Is there any chance for a new beginning?

Weigh in ...

Dedicated to Chrianna:

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