Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Uptempo Songs Requested For Beyonce's Upcoming Album

After cultivating the inspiring masterpiece that was "4", Beyonce seems to be heading in a different direction for round 5.  According to Billboard approximately 15 writers showed up at Brett James’ Music Row compound for an ASCAP songwriting retreat Aug. 27-29.  Songwriters who are grounded in several different genres—country, pop, dance and Christian—spent the first two days writing songs specifically for the next BeyoncĂ© album.  BizBirch Street Music founder/CEO Jake McKim, whose company manages numerous music figures and does A&R consulting, showed a highlight reel of BeyoncĂ©’s career on the first day and reportedly requested uptempo songs with uplifting attitudes.  Seems like we can expect more 'Countdown' and 'Love On Top' numbers, which shouldn't receive to many complaints from Beyonce fans.  This sounds like a recipe for success. Oh, happy day!

Source: BillboardBiz

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